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Fashion Friday: Backyard Hangout

What do you wear for hanging out in the backyard for a glass of wine (perhaps a bonfire)? No, it’s not time to change from “daytime pajamas” to “nighttime pajamas” 😉. Trust me, even a bit of effort (like jeans in a dark rinse, sneakers with a fun animal print, beaded bracelets, and a sweater around the shoulders for when it gets chilly) will make a positive difference in your mindset. As we move into more sessions of “driveway drinks” and 6 feet-apart socializing, it can feel really good to look “effortless, but pulled together”. Jeans: Gap, T-shirt: Madewell (via Nordstrom sale), sneakers: Cole Haan (via 6PM), hoodie: Cudl Duds, sunglasses: Ray-Ban.

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