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Fashion Friday: Boss Lady

Sometimes (even if your usual workday attire is fairly casual), you have to step it up to #bosslady level. As someone who came of age professionally during the “dress for success” era, I’m very glad that today we are more inclined to celebrate individuality and creativity. This jacket-over-dress combo is surprisingly comfortable and flexible when external (or internal) temperatures change throughout the day. The necklace (found in an out-of-the way boutique in Nice, France) is made of metal, cording, and raku beads. The eyeglass frames came from a vendor in Chelsea Market (NYC); I had prescription lenses put in locally. I love eyewear with personality; sometimes they can be the focal point (pun intended), or (as in this case) more of a supporting act. Dress: Banana Republic, jacket: J Crew, ring: MCA gift shop, necklace: Nice, France momento. Painting and sculptures: Larry Roots. #FashionFriday

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