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Fashion Friday: Business Casual

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

What do you wear when the dress code is “business casual,” but you don’t want to blend in with the inevitable sea of neutral-wearers? Perhaps a little “business on the top, party on the bottom”? This is a color-punched riff on the standard dress-pants-and-a-top formula that works so well for a lot of different climates, seasons, occasions, and business environments. Who’s to say that a bit of fun can’t be had at the same time? Pointy-toed, low-heeled patent wedges keep things polished, yet allow for actual walking. Pants: Banana Republic, top: Michael Kors via TJ Maxx, shoes: Ann Taylor, bag: Kate Spade (Nebraska Crossings Outlet), sunglasses: Michael Kors via LensCrafters, chain necklace: vintage, circle necklace, gifted by Off The Closet Looks, watch: Michael Kors via TJ Maxx. #FashionFriday

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