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Fashion Friday: COVID Comfy @ Work

It’s Fashion Friday, COVID 19 style. I’m grateful to have a home-based studio, as well as the good fortune to work from a second studio that is 4 mins. from my house, and which is currently occupied by only one other person (on a separate floor). This has made working safely while social distancing much easier than it is for many. Now that WFH is an official acronym (when did that happen?), I’m seeing how lots of women address the dual challenge of being comfortable, yet still feeling motivated and professional. My solution of late has been joggers (sounds SO much better than “sweatpants”), a fitted T, and additional layers as needed to combat chill. I like adding a bit of jewelry to feel like me, and have been leaning into glasses with colored frames. As for the face mask situation, my best option so far has been folding a bandanna over a filter (paper towel or lightweight non-surgical mask). I’m hoping to sew some up masks soon, so I don’t rock the “criminal chic” look. How are you keeping comfy and safe these days?

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