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Fashion Friday: Dual Purpose Denim

Fashion Friday...What do you wear that’s fall-down easy during these days of iffy weather? Again with the layers; this time a base of black skinny jeans (you know, the ones “fashion people” keep saying are out/in/classic/a dying trend...good grief) with a soft turtleneck that is loose enough to not cling, fitted enough to look streamlined. On top of it all is an elongated denim jacket, complemented by a chunky pendant. These booties, though! They are the only new item here, and we’re a score on for over 60% off. I was looking for a pair of comfortable, stylish, waterproof boots, but was also craving a pair in leopard. Who would have thought; these are all that! They will be real travel workhorses for all those times when you have no accurate idea what weather lies ahead. The purse could be considered “vintage” Kate Spade, since it’s from the era when these nylon bags were a new thing (they are now being re-introduced to their line). What do you like to wear as the seasons change? Turtleneck: Allison Joy (gift from a friend), jeans: Gap, necklace: French Kande (seriously discounted during a store closing sale), belt: Michael Kors, sunglasses: Rayban (via LensCrafters), bag: Kate Spade, boots: Blondo (via 6pm).

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