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Fashion Friday: Eyewear

Whether I’m dressed up or down, at work, out and about, at home (as is the current state), wearing makeup or not, I am always wearing glasses. Although my prescription isn’t terribly strong (and hasn’t changed much over the years), I’ve been told I’m not a candidate for contacts, so I’ve learned to embrace eyewear as a fashion element. This is an array of frames I’ve amassed (and continue to wear) over the last several years. They’ve come from more usual sources (SEE, LensCrafters, and a pair from an optometrist client), as well as not so usual (a pair of readers I had converted with new lenses, and a pair I found at an artisan’s booth in Chelsea Market). While we work and stay in our home, eyeglasses are an even more important part of feeling “dressed” for each day.

Do you wear glasses? Do you enjoy them as part of your personal style?

Stay safe and healthy, everyone! ❤️

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