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Fashion Friday: NYE 2019

Last Fashion Friday post of 2019! What do you wear for a New Year’s Eve filled with dancing to a couple of favorite local bands, when you are committed to “shopping your closet” rather than buying something new for the occasion? You pull out classic pieces that have cycled around the trend wheel again, and experiment with proportion until it looks and feels right. These wide-leg, high-waisted velvet pants were purchased at a Carlisle outlet during my very first trip to NYC (20 years ago). The sweater came from Nouvelle Eve (clearance rack, of course) about 15 years past. I wore the drop earrings (Von Maur) and blingy bracelet (J. Crew) for our wedding in 2011. The beaded clutch (by Moyna) was a gift over 10 years ago. Cole Haan patent pumps are from OMT Divine Resale (about 5 years old). What are you wearing for NYE?

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