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Fashion Friday: Road Trip Style

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

What do you wear for a COVID-avoiding road trip to visit grandkids (and their parents)? This is one time I’m willing to give leggings-almost-as-pants a pass, since the only humans to see it will be my hubby and a potential passerby at a rest stop. Also, these are very substantial (Lysette, from a friend’s garage sale) and opaque; more like upscale running tights than the usual leggings. Anyway...having a longish top (this one was a discontinued sample from Cabi, bought at a clothing swap) makes it all feel A-OK to me. A baseball cap with texture takes care of departure day hair issues, and white sneakers (Cole Haan, via 6 PM) are safe for driving and advisable for the aforementioned rest stops. 😉 Prescription sunglasses are imperative for driving; these are matte black aviators from Ray Ban. A watch J Crew for Timex, from eBay) and water bottle (this is a really nice one gifted by my friends at Mohawk) are great add-ones, as are the face masks and hand sanitizer that will be in heavy rotation. What do you like to wear when you hit the road for social-distanced adventure?

North Platte, NE

The Badlands of South Dakota

Road tripping is definitely an affordable (and currently, safer) way to travel. We’ve limited our exposure and expense by eating out (outdoors) only once a day, staying in Marriott properties with breakfast provided (mostly “grab and go”), and packing a cooler with fruit, veggies, hummus, cheese and crackers, and Trader Joe’s snacks for evening noshing. Oh yeah, we brought wine, too. 😉

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