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Fashion Friday: Travel at 29 and beyond

Millennial Offspring Edition! What do you wear when traveling to a country where it is hot and humid, but where there are strict rules about modest dressing (for women) when visiting spiritual sites? A knee-and-shoulder-covering cotton knit dress packs easily, looks great, and can be dressed up or down for temple tours or rooftop bars. Knotting a chambray shirt around the waist keeps it from looking too form-fitting for daytime, and a neutral hat and sandals lighten the black. Yes, I’m co-opting my daughter Anna Wurster and SIL Brian Wurster’s Thailand trip to the hilt, but I think this is proof that you can look cute, stylish, AND classy at any age. I would happily wear this outfit at age 59, and it works wonderfully at age (almost) 29.

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