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Fashion Friday: Travel from Tundra to Tropical-ish

On the road! What do you wear when you travel from the frozen tundra to tropical-ish weather? Lightweight layers, with a pop of color (come on, who wears gray in Florida?) make for a comfortable and adaptable plane outfit. After arriving at the OMA airport, I ditched my super lightweight Uniqlo quilted liner coat (warm, and it rolls up into almost nothing), and let it ride with straight leg jeans, loafers, and merino wool sweaters, accented with a vintage silk scarf. For those of you counting, my purse (very old) was my personal item, and the backpack was Jeff’s. Jeans: Gap, v-neck: Banana Republic, cardigan: J Crew (via Poshmark), scarf: vintage Vera (thrifted), purse: Michael Kors (via TJ Maxx), eyeglass frames: Chelsea Market vendor, loafers, Cole Haan.

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