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Fashion Friday: WFH

What do you wear on days when you work from home? It’s been fascinating to watch this workplace phenomenon evolve over the years. Technology has truly made even primarily client-facing roles (like mine) more likely to have “work from home” days. Does that mean sweatpants and slippers? No, it does not. Even if “nobody sees you,” YOU see you, and how you feel about yourself matters. That said, a cozy (not sloppy) cardigan over skinny jeans (with a bit of stretch) and a long-sleeve T is as comfy as can be. And Uggs...this was a “never say never” purchase of mine specifically for working from home in a not-toasty space, and I have to admit...I love them. Yes, I even wear jewelry at home (it makes me smile). What do you wear to work from home? Jeans: Gap, cardigan: J Crew, T-shirt: Banana Republic (via Goodwill), necklace: self-made, Uggs: Nordstrom Rack, glasses: LensCrafters.

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