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Festival-wear over 50

It’s festival season! There is a time in life where summer music = Coachella and Bonaroo, cutoff shorts (VERY short), skimpy tops, braids, cowboy boots, and all the extreme boho bells and whistles. Just because this time in life is no longer THAT time doesn’t mean you don’t still love music in the great outdoors, be it local or the likes of the New Orleans JazzFest or Chicago Blues Festival. So what do you wear? A straw Panama hat to protect your face, a comfy maxi dress to keep you cool, yet covered (pattern hides spills and sweat), and a few fun bracelets to channel your inner hippie (without feeling costume-y). Flat, comfortable sandals are a must (heels and grass do not go together). A lightweight tote bag can carry sunscreen and a water bottle (both necessities), hand gel (trust me), and a lightweight Turkish towel (in case it gets too sunny during the day or chilly after dark). What do you like to wear to outdoor events in the summer?

Hat: Banana Republic, dress: Tommy Bahama via, sandals: Birkenstock (scored these at a great price in Croatia), bracelets: sterling cuff @rosekotwas, others from beach vendors in Mexico. Sunglasses are by Tory Burch (via Nordstrom Rack),Turkish towel from Sarajevo, Bosnia, tote bag made of recycled sails by @resails (Newport, RI). #fashionfriday #festivalfashion#fashionover50

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