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Handmade Turquoise Necklace

Although we live in Nebraska (AKA, “The Heartland”) I manage to get to NYC about once a year. For someone addicted to making, this means annual pilgrimages to Mood Fabrics and to M&J Trimming. My forays to M&J generally end up with staring at the miles of fabulous trims (leather, feather, name it) and then getting a pretty random assortment of goodies, then figuring out what to do with them once I get home. Sort of like my own personal Project Runway. This concoction is a result of the time aluminum chain, hemp braid, and spikes seemed like the thing to do. The “turquoise” beads were a gift from my husband (from a trip he took to El Salvador), and the yellow beads and embroidery floss are from Hobby Lobby. The silver beads were from scraps of hardware store bead chain (you can cut it apart...who knew?).

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