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Sunday Shelfie: The Little Free Library

Today’s #SundayShelfie is a bit different. Bookshelves have played an enormous role in my life, from the library in the nearby small town, to the World Book encyclopedias on our farm home shelves, to the textbooks of elementary and high schools to undergrad and beyond. Now, some of my nearest and dearest friends are women in my beloved book club. A few years ago, my husband thought it would be fitting for me to become the caretaker of a Little Free Library, so in short order, it was on its way to our home, ready to be painted, installed, and stocked. To our surprise, it has become something of a fixture in our neighborhood, used by adults as much as (possibly more than) kids. It’s great fun to see how the “leave a book, take a book” concept has continued to keep the contents ever-changing and interesting. At any given time, you may find a mystery, a thriller, a romance, a young adult paperbacks and children’s books. One enterprising youngster was even inspired to use the library as stock for a door-to-door sales campaign to “raise money to buy Mom a birthday present.” Although this effort was short-lived, it led to some good laughs around the shared mailbox. I’m delighted to be a part of the Little Free Library effort, and wish everyone happy reading on this lovely Sunday!

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