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The Little Black Dress that travels

What do you wear for travel, when it’s hot where you’re leaving, hot where you’re going, and freezing in the airport and on the plane? As is so often the case, layers save the day! I like traveling in black (to hide spills, wrinkles, etc.), and having a high-contrast topper with me if it gets chilly. A jean jacket in any wash would work, too, but on my last trip I could tell what a go-to they’ve become....SO. MANY. DENIM. JACKETS. It’s nice to stand out from the crowd, if only a little bit. Slip-on leopard hair-calf sneakers are easy to manage in the security line (if you’re not TSA Pre-check), protect your toes from other people’s roller bags, and allow you to literally hit the ground running when you arrive at your destination. When I see women traveling in heels over 2”, my feet automatically hurt as a sympathetic response....I’ve given them up for good for most travel situations. A devotee of packing light, I use a moderately-sized crossbody bag as my “personal item” and travel purse. My back thanks me profusely for this. The “Vachetta Leather” used by Michael Kors (and other brands) raises the question, “Is it leather, vinyl, or leather-coated-with-vinyl?” Honestly, since it allows me to carry a camel-colored bag without fear of spots and stains, I don’t really care. Hair down works best for me, after having some uncomfortable moments with a poorly-located bun or ponytail. What are your best travel outfit suggestions? Dress: Three Dots through, denim jacket (very old): Banana Republic, sneakers: Cole Haan (also via, watch: Michael Kors (via TJ Maxx), crossbody bag: Michael Kors (via the Michael Kors outlet store at Nebraska Crossings), prescription sunglasses: Michael Kors (through LensCrafters). #fashionfriday

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